Management for learning: Challenges in ECECs in Norway ("Ledelse for læring: Utfordringer for barnehager i Norge")

Prosjektperiode: 01/08/2012 - 31/07/2016

Institusjon: Høgskole for førskolelærerutdanning, Dronning Mauds Minne

Prosjektleder: Ole Fredrik Lillemyr

Program: Praksisrettet utdanningsforskn


There has been a lack of research on the topics of leadership and management in Early Childhood Education and Care institutions (ECECs) in Norway (Guldbrandsen, Johansson & Nilsen, 2002). In particular, little attention has been paid to how ECECs organize learning for children. On thisd background we state the following research question: How are the ECECs increased responsibility for childrens learning addressed by different forms of governance and management in the ECEC sector? In this concern we are as king: Will the development to become a learning organization also imply ECECs will provide an inspiring and challenging learning environment for the children? In Norway, Gotvasslis work (1990) established ECEC management as a field of research by identi fying the main managerial functions and challenges related to ECEC institutions. Later, Roness (2001) documented the findings of Gotvassli and recent research found that pedagogical leadership has evolved and that external relations have become more impor tant in the directors task portfolio (Børhaug et al. 2011). Thus, there is a need for large-scale research studies on management for learning. Based upon the functional perspective on ECECs a combined theoretical approach will be used drawing on organi zational (Schein, 2010) and motivational theory (Deci & Ryan, 2000). The main research design will combine survey and ex post facto research, generating qualitative and quantitative research. The study will draw on a strategic sample of directors from pri vate and public ECECs and ECEC owners from selected counties in Norway and a selection of policy texts. We will survey and interview key personnel and analyse documents in relation to management for learning in ECECs. Lastly, an action research approach w ill be carried out in cooperation with owners and directors, to develop a new managerial practice for pedagogical leadership to support ECECs as learning organizations.