Searching for quality: Relations, play and learning in different group compositions in day care centers for children under the age of three

Prosjektperiode: 01/08/2012 - 31/07/2016

Institusjon: Høgskolen i Oslo og Akershus

Prosjektleder: Leif Hernes

Program: Praksisrettet utdanningsforskn


Significant changes in day care institutions the last years in Norwegian society (i.e. increased number of smaller children, larger entities) represent challenges at many levels, and there is a need for enhancement of qualifications in practice, education and research field. This project aims to generate research-based knowledge about quality of daily life in Norwegian day care institutions for children under the age of three, and to develop tools for researching, evaluating and enhancing quality in day care for the youngest children. An important issue is to examine to what extent different group compositions affect the quality in relation to care, social relations, play and learning for small children in day care. Development of qualitative good day ca re institutions calls for up-dated and practice-based knowledge about the actual situation in day care. There is a need for development of relevant knowledge from the practice-field that is closely interlinked with competent preschool-teacher education. T he main goal in this project is to examine and analyze central aspects of daily life in day care. The focus will be daycare as a context for care and learning processes in order to develop an optimal basis for practice in ECEC and as a basis for education of future teachers. For children under three, aesthetic activities are important ways of interacting and learning; and aesthetic learning will be given specific attention in this project. This complex research-focus demands multifaceted theoretical pers pectives and a combination of different methodological approaches. The research project will consist of a main project (see project-description) and several co-projects that will be developed during the research process in close relation between researche rs, students and field of ECEC practice.