Norwegian Governments (1814-present)

Non-parliamentarian (1814-1884)
Start Government
1814 First Norwegian Council of State
1814 First Wedel Government
1836 Second Wedel Government and its continuation
1844 Løvenskiold/Vogt Government
1856 Vogt Government
1858 Sibbern/Birch-Motzfeldt Government
1861 Stang Government
1880 Selmer Government
1884 April Government

Parliamentarian (1884-present)
Start Government Parties in government Type of government Cause of resignation
1884 Johan Sverdrup's Government V (MV) Majority, minority Internal affairs
1889 Emil Stang's First Government H Minority Motion of Confidence
1891 Johannes W.C. Steen's First Government V Majority Other
1893 Emil Stang's Second Government H Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1895 Francis Hagerup's First Government H+MV+V Majority Anticipated non-confidence
1898 Johannes W.C. Steen's Second Government V Majority Other
1902 Otto A. Blehr's First Government V Majority Anticipated non-confidence
1903 Francis Hagerup's Second Government H+MV+Saml Majority Internal affairs
1905 Christian Michelsen's Government V+H+MV+Saml Grand coalition, minority Other
1907 Jørgen G. Løvland's Government V+MV Minority Negative majority
1908 Gunnar Knudsen's First Government V+Ad Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1910 Wollert Konow's (S.B.) Government H+FV Majority Internal affairs
1912 Jens K. M. Bratlie's Government H+FV Majority Anticipated non-confidence
1913 Gunnar Knudsen's Second Government V+Ad Majority, minority Motion of Confidence
1920 Otto B. Halvorsen's First Government H+FV Minority Motion of Confidence
1921 Otto A. Blehr's Second Government V Minority Motion of Confidence
1923 Otto B. Halvorsen's Second Government H+FV Minority Other
1923 Abraham T. Berge's Government H+FV Minority Motion of Confidence
1924 Johan Ludvig Mowinckel's First Government V Minority Negative majority
1926 Ivar Lykke's Government H+FV Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1928 Christopher Hornsrud's Government Ap Minority Motion of No Confidence
1928 Johan Ludvig Mowinckel's Second Government V Minority Motion of Confidence
1931 Peder L. Kolstad's Government Bp Minority Other
1932 Jens Hundseid's Government Bp Minority Motion of Confidence
1933 Johan Ludvig Mowinckel's Third Government V Minority Motion of Confidence
1935 Johan Nygaardsvold's Government Ap (+H+Bp+V+HF) Minority, grand coalition Other
1945 Einar Gerhardsen's First Government Ap+H+V+Bp+NKP+HF Grand coalition Other
1945 Einar Gerhardsen's Second Government Ap Majority Other
1951 Oscar F. Torp's Government Ap Majority Other
1955 Einar Gerhardsen's Third Government Ap Majority, minority Motion of No Confidence
1963 John Lyng's Government H+Sp+KrF+V Minority Negative majority
1963 Einar Gerhardsen's Fourth Government Ap Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1965 Per Borten's Government H+Sp+KrF+V Majority Internal affairs
1971 Trygve Bratteli's First Government Ap Minority Other
1972 Lars Korvald's Government KrF+Sp+V Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1973 Trygve Bratteli's Second Government Ap Minority Other
1976 Odvar Nordli's Government Ap Minority Other
1981 Gro Harlem Brundtland's First Government Ap Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1981 Kåre Willoch's First Government H Minority Other
1983 Kåre Willoch's Second Government H+KrF+Sp Majority, minority Motion of Confidence
1986 Gro Harlem Brundtland's Second Government Ap Minority Anticipated non-confidence
1989 Jan P. Syse's Government H+KrF+Sp Minority Internal affairs
1990 Gro Harlem Brundtland's Third Government Ap Minority Other
1996 Thorbjørn Jagland's Government Ap Minority Other
1997 Kjell Magne Bondevik's First Government KrF+Sp+V Minority Motion of Confidence
2000 Jens Stoltenberg's First Government Ap Minority Anticipated non-confidence
2001 Kjell Magne Bondevik's Second Government H+KrF+V Minority Anticipated non-confidence
2005 Jens Stoltenberg's Second Government first term Ap+SV+Sp Majority
2009 Jens Stoltenberg's Second Government second term Ap+SV+Sp Majority
2013 Erna Solberg's Government H+Frp Minority
2018 Extension of Erna Solberg's Government H+Frp+V Minority

Note: The colours on the government parties illustrate whether or not the governments were left-leaning (red) or right-leaning (blueish). Black equals neutral.


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