* NAV Heimdal (Trondheim)

This page shows the event history for this unit.

24.11.2008* Founding by complex reorganization

Name: * NAV Heimdal (Trondheim)
Short name: NAV Heimdal
Affiliations: Other public administration body
Hierarchical level: Highest level
COFOG 10 Social protection
Main affiliation category: Body part of group subordinated ministry
Located: 1601 Trondheim

Please note that this event has comments in Norwegian that are for the present not translated into English.

01.01.2018* No change to unit, but change of superior

(The unit reports to a new superior organization because the previous superior organization was terminated at the same time.)
Belongs to group NAV Trøndelag
Located: 5001 Trondheim


* = If a date is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies that the date is not confirmed.

* = If a name is denoted with an asterisk (*), this implies a direct translation from Norwegian to English. The translation is thus not necessarily the official one (if any exists at all).

Comment to the change-of-name event: Sometimes the old and new name is the same. This occur when the translation to English haven’t taken into consideration minor Norwegian name change.

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