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Technical information


Error in notification form


How long will it take to process my notification form?

How to save your notification form

Checking notification form for errors


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Technical information

We recommend that you use an up-to-date browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox. You must enable Javascript:

  • Firefox: Tools - Settings - Enable Javascript.
  • Internet Explorer (versions 5.x - 8): Tools - Alternatives for internet - Security - Egendefinert nivå - Under skript: Choose "Aktiver for Aktiv skripting".

If you are using Internet Explorer 6 (IE6) or older versions, we recommend that you upgrade your browser. You might experience an error saying: "demanding object", on older versions of the Notification form. We do not recommend that you choose to troubleshoot the error. The solution to this problem is to update your browser or to lower the level of security in your browser: Tools - Alternatives for internet - security - middle to low. You may raise the level of security as soon as the Notification form has been submitted.


If you experience any issues when you press "print" or "pdf" in the Notification form, you might not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Adobe Reader is a free software which opens pdf-files. You may download the software here:

Most browsers have a built-in function that will block unwanted pop-up windows. If you experience that your browser has blocked the opening of a new window, disable pop-up protection so that the pdf-document will be opened in a new window. If disabling does not work, the reason might be that Internet Explorer blocks all automatic downloading of files. To avoid this issue try a different browser or disable this feature.

Turn off block:

English language of IE:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Choose tools -> Internet options -> Security -> Custom level
  3. Scroll down to Downloads
  4. Under Automatic prompting for file downloads, choose Enable, click "Ok".
  5. Restart Internet Explorer

Wrong Notification form ID

You can find your Notification form ID in the address field in your internet browser, e.g. Once your Notification form has been submitted you will receive a link to your e-mailaddress. Open your e-mail and click on the link to your Notification form.


Please note that all correspondence will be through e-mail. Please notify us if you change your e-mail address.

How long will it take to process my Notification form?

Processing time may vary based on the nature, scope and complexity of the project, and how well the project and the processing of personal data has been explained in the Notification form.

Read more about processing the Notification form.

How to save your Notification form

There is a button on every page in the Notification form that makes you able to save your data. As soon as you have saved your data, you will be able to move back and forth within your Notification form. You can always come back to fill in the form, but remember to save before exiting. The save-button is located at the top and bottom on every page in the Notification form.

Checking Notfication form for errors

Your Notification form will automatically be checked for completion of mandatory fields and attachments before submission. You have to answer all mandatory questions before you are allowed to submit your Notification form.


You may send attachments after you have submitted your Notification form to Please add project number, project title and project leader to your e-mail. Attachments have to be sent as standard Office documents, rtf, html, txt, pdf, jpeg or odf (Open Office). Zip-folders can not be uploaded.

Problems with uploading attachments

If you are having problem with uploading attachments, we would reccomend that you first try another browser (firefox/chrome). If you still have problems with uploading attachments, you can contact us by email at

Grey fields

Grey fields are inactive. They will not be part of your print or pdf after submission. Grey fields need to be activated before they may be changed. This can be done by changing an answer to a previous question.

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