Notifying changes in a project

If you plan to make changes to your project that differ from the information you gave in your Notification form, you must usually submit a Change Request form. The form must be submitted no later than 30 days before the changes are to be implemented, and our feedback must be awaited before the changes are carried out.

NB! A Change Request form should only be submitted in projects that have already been processed by the Data Protection Official. If you make changes to a project that has been registered, but not processed, it is sufficient to send us an email:

Which changes should be notified?

As a general rule, only changes that have implications for our assessment of the project are to be notified via the Change Request form.

Examples of changes that should be reported are:

  • change of date for project completion/anonymisation
  • changes of the sample, if this affects the criteria for consent (eg. if you plan to include children or persons with impaired consent capasity
  • change of types of data (especially if you are to collect sensitive personal data
  • additional methods
  • change of project leader
  • change of responsible institution (data controller)

What changes should not be notified?

Examples of changes that it is not necessary to register can be:

  • change of title
  • minor changes in the number of informants
  • insignificant changes of the sample or questions

Change Request form or a new Notification form?

If you are to carry out very significant changes in the project, it will often be more appropriate to submit a new Notification form. Examples of this might be:

  • additional methods which entail different parts of the project having different dates for project completion/anonymisation
  • sub-studies with various project leaders
  • new sub-studies with different methods, samples, dates for project completion, etc.
  • new purpose(s)
  • if your project has been assessed as not being subject to notification, and your changes lead to the project becoming subject to notification, you must submit a new Notification form and not a Change Request form.

Are you unsure whether your changes need to be notified? Please contact us before submitting the change form.

Download Change Request form 

The form must be returned to us by email:


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