Exemption from the
duty of confientiality

Access to confidential information should as a main rule be based on information and/or consent from the sample. Any exception to this rule must be based on a formal exemption from the relevant authority.

Observation within institutions

If observation is to be carried out without the consent of those who are present, you must generally seek permission from the management of the institution in order to conduct observations. The management must decide whether they can grant permission to carry out observations within the institution, or whether you must apply for an exemption from the duty of confidentiality from the relevant authority.

Access to files or folders

If you wish to access of files or folders containing confidential information (eg. files from child welfare services, NAV, etc.) without obtaining consent from the people involved, a dispensation from the relevant authority will be necessary, usually from the ministry in question.

Registry Data from Statistics Norway (SSB)

Do you wish to use registry data from Statistics Norway without obtaining consent from the sample? SSB has the authority to grant exemptions from the duty of confidentiality for data that SSB uses for statistics, such as data on population, education, employment and social security. 

Other records

Should you wish to gain access to registry data from other sources than SSB without obtaining consent from the sample, you must obtain an exemption from the duty of confidentiality from the register owner. Examples of such records are the Norwegian Patient Registry, the Medical Birth Registry, the Criminal Proceedings Registry and the Immigration Database.

It is important to ensure that all exemptions that are given to named researchers mention each individual researcher that is to have access to data in the specific project.


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