Assessment of project

How long will it be until I receive an assessment of my project?

If your institution has an agreement with NSD, you must notify us about the processing of personal data in your project. The Notification Form you fill in will act as documentation of how personal data will be processed in the project and as a basis for our assessment.

Documenting and assessing the project is now a process that begins with you filling in the Notification Form. The length of time between you sending in the form and recieving a written assessment from NSD will depend on whether the information in the Notification Form is complete and whether all necessary documents have been attached. We are available to provide guidance during this process. If the Notification Form is incomplete when it is sent to us, it will be sent back to you with comments about what information is lacking.

How can I contribute to quicken this process?

  • remember that you are filling in the Notification Form in order to document the processing of personal data in your project and in order to receive an assessment of this processing from NSD
  • familiarize yourself with the relevant vocabulary and research methods and read about your particular research topic
  • if you have questions, we recommend that you first have a look at our answers to freqently asked questions
  • if you can't find answers to your questions on our website, get in contact with us via online chat, telephone: 55 58 21 17, or email:
  • attach all relevant documents to the form (such as an information letter/consent form, interview guide, questionnaire and other approvals)
  • read through your Notification Form carefully before sending it in. Make sure that you have answered all questions, provided a clear picture of which personal data you will process, how data will be processed, and why it is necessary to process these personal data in your project.

What do we assess?

When processing your Notification form, we do an overall assessment of how you will be processing personal data in your project. Among other things, our assessment involves:

Are you in a hurry?

See how you can carry out a project without it being necessary to notify NSD about your project.

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