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The Integration Barometer

The Integration Barometer identifies and measures people's attitudes about immigration, integration and diversity in Norway.

The survey "The Integration Barometer" is conducted on behalf of The Directorate of Integration and Diversity, Ipsos MMI (2005 og 2006), TNS Gallup (2008-2010) and Comte Analyse (2012) have been responsible for data collection and data processing. The Integration Barometer identifies and measures people's attitudes to questions about immigration, integration and diversoty. In addition, the survey maps the interviewees' experience with discrimination and contact with immigrants. The survey has been conducted annually since 2005, with the exception of 2007 and 2011. The questionnaire has been modified slightly from year to year because some questions have been removed and others added. Some question formulations are changed from one year to the next.

There are fewer variables in "The Integration Barometer 2005-2012" than in "The Integration Barometer 2005-2010". It is still possible to order a file with the 2005-2010 suveys.

Data holdings

Title Download Documentation
The Integration Barometer 2013-2014 Order dataset PDF
The Integration Barometer 2005- 2013/14 Order dataset PDF
The Integration Barometer 2005-2012 Order dataset PDF
The Integration Barometer 2005-2010 Order dataset PDF



Data is available without charge for research purposes


All datasets can be converted to SPSS, Stata or SAS. Please contact us for other formats.

How to apply for data?

The applicant must fill out and submit our order form in order to apply for data (please remember to provide the complete name of the survey you want to order). Once the application has been processed the applicant will receive a confidentiality agreement to be signed and returned in order to gain access to datasets. Student applicants will also receive a supervisor’s declaration that must be signed by their supervisor.



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