NSD and the project Norwegian Open Research Data Infrastructure (NORDi) is granted 26 million NOK from the Norwegian Research Council for a five year period (2016 – 2021) to develop a new infrastructure that will make it easier to locate, use and share research data, in addition to courses and support.


Project manager: Vigdis Kvalheim
Project coordinator / Archival manager: Katrine U. Segadal
Technical manager: Ørnulf Risnes

WPs and WP-leaders

Data Deposit and Archiving Portal: Trond Kvamme
Cost effective and user friendly data management and archival tool. Support for research data management plan.

Data Curation Platform: Gry Henriksen
Increase efficiency and quality of the infrastructure to enable it to collect, document, enhance and share more data.

Data Preservation Platform: Anders Paulsen
Strengthen the current preservation practices, policies and technologies in the infrastructure.

Data Discovery Platform: Cristopher Ongre Autzen
A common discovery portal for all NSD-held data collections and beyond. Generate landing pages for data – displaying metadata, links to data and serve as endpoint for data citations.

Data Access Platform: Cristopher Ongre Autzen
Provide efficient and flexible access to all of NSD data holdings.

Research Institution Platform: Bjarne Øymyr
Provide research institutions with the ability to track and document its research activity with respect to data archiving, (re)use and citation.

Program for training and Support: Gunn Inger Lyse
Strengthen and expand guidance- and training services at NSD.

Project Group

WPs, project leader, project coordinator, archival- and technical managers constitutes the Project Group.

User Group

NORDi has a user group representing different research institutions and research fields, and will establish a test panel of researchers and administrators.


UK Data Archive (UKDA) and Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) are partners in the project.

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